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Air&Skin - The wire song
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The wire song


Composer: Rahel Nahely 

Performed by: Rahel Nahely (Vocals & Piano), Anat Porat (Vocals & Guitar), Rolf Caflisch (Drums), Rees Coray (Base)

Lyrics by Julian M. Grünthal 2022




Down down down

into the coalmine of our souls

the wire sings its song of steel

into the narrow dusty hole.


Down down down

into the womb of blackened stones

the forests still alive in our hearts

their roots will tickle our bones.


Down down down

to our friends and our kin

with open arms of sweat and dirt

we’re holding hands, we sing.


And as the lights go dim

the spirits of the canary birds

rise up from deep within

lending their wings to our words.


As we keep singing -

and with fear, and with rage

and with love and with hope

we age.


While far above

some primitive god

is playing the drums

on our homes.

Making brick into rubble

and our souls into stones 

and fire.

May the wire 


to take us back up.


And the coal becomes a tree

and the dead birds fly free

and we return from below

yet to what - we don’t know.


But if the wire survives

it will take us

back up.


Oh, may the wire 


to take us back up.




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