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The loyal Father


The Loyal Father is a dark fairytale dressed in an almost ironically light melody. A song about the thin line between loyalty and mindless destruction of one’s own soul.

The loyal Father is part of the repertoire of Air&Skin, and also of Anat Porats latest Album "Back to New".

The loyal Father


Composer: Anat Porat 

Performed by: Anat Porat (Vocals & Guitar)

Music Video by: Julian M. Grünthal

Lyrics by: Julian M. Grünthal


The smell of water softly lifts itself
into her nose
And if her father knew that she was here

he would come close

To ask forgiveness for the things he did

so long ago
Up in the fortress where the king still sits

So very low

And where he served him with his strong strong hands

So full of dirt
These hands of killing keeping order for the king
The vision blurred

But as his daughter slapped the son of the king

The king got mad
-And told the father that his daughter had to die

just like a cat.

The loyal father put his daughter in a bag
Just like a cat
She had no mother who could help her as she’s thrown

Sinking in the bag

Now she wanders on the riverbanks by night

To find her dad
Whose tears are streams
to make the river rise

And she can smell that he is sad


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